Service Offerings and Fee Structure

How can we be of service?

When we say we offer a complete Estate Sale offering, we mean it!

Here is how we can be of service.

Is Sold! Louisville able to sell my house?

Yes!  Sold! Louisville has a Kentucky Licensed Realtor as one of the owners.  He is part of Mayer Realtors.  We can list, photograph, provide 3D online tours, and advertise your home (some additional fees may be required).  We will get you top dollar for your home with our blended service offerings.

Is there a reduction in the percentage on personal property if you sell the home and the contents in the home?

In a majority of cases, yes, that is the case.  If the home requires excessive labor hours to prepare the home for sale, we would have to negotiate.

Will you host an Open House? Will that be separate from the Estate Sale?

Many times, the house is asked about at the Estate Sale.  We ask the seller what they prefer, but we can do them together or separate.  We want to get as much foot traffic as possible in your home to see the contents and the home.

What if I already have a realtor with another brokerage?

That’s great!  If your realtor referred you to Sold! Louisville, we will be happy to promote the sale of the house on our website.  We will promote the realtor, the MLS listing and any information they wish on Sold! Louisville.

Should I donate the general household items and or throw away the junk in the garage etc before I have a liquidation?

Some of the biggest mistakes clients have made is to dispose of ANYTHING at all prior to hiring and using a estate sale company such as Sold! Louisville. They can and do sell nearly all that you have, no matter how bad it looks to you. Please, do us a favor and leave every single thing in the house, garage and yard until after they hold the sale for you.

Can my Realtor take advantage of the Sold! Louisville services for my house?

Absolutely!  We have professional photographers, 3D online tours, licensed drones and many other ways to promote the house listing for your Realtor.

I don't want to sell anything but we have too much crap? Can you help me?

Sure we can.  We have partnered with a few organizing companies in Louisville that can come to the home and help you organize and declutter.

Honestly, if you can just trash half the junk in my house, is that possible?

Yes, we use a Louisville area company that can trash, but more likely, donate your “junk”.   There is a charge for the value added service, but it’s worth it to have the square footage back in your home for new decor.

I have closets and a basement loaded with "stuff". Are you able to just spend a few hours going through these places in the home and make them look somewhat organized?

Our slogan is “how can we be of service?” for a reason and yes we can do that.  We have organizers that can charge by the hour to achieve your goals.

Any chance we could hire an organizer before you come in to work? I'm embarrassed by how the house looks.

We have seen it all, but yes you can.  If you use one of our recommended organizing companies, they know our in home process and can actually be an aid to our process and discovery.

Who does your gemology for you? I have some jewelry I love and would love to have it appraised.

We use Louisville based gemologists at Sold! Louisville.  For a fee, we can submit your jewelry to our Gemologists.  If you are selling these gems through Sold! Louisville, there will be a reduction in these fees.  We want our buying experience to be trusted.

What does a Gemologist do?

So what exactly does a gemologist do? Simply put, gemology is a science that includes intense academic study of diamonds, gemstones, pearls, and precious metals.

It’s worth it to have this service for your buying and selling experience.

If I submit my autographed item to Sold! Louisville to authenticate, how do I know this "authenticator" is legit?

We utilize the top authenticator in the industry.  They are trusted by all the top auction houses in the industry.  While the results are opinion based, they are well educated opinions based on hundreds of examples.  They can typically identify the time period the autograph was signed.

If someone buys my autograph, what will they receive?

While I wish digital watermarks were available, they are still utilizing paper and we provide the winner of your item with the companies official emblem and verification of authenticity.

What if my item is fake? Do you still charge? Do you provide proof?

Since the authenticator needs to be paid for their time.  Yes, we can provide a letter that showcases the failure so you can hopefully get your money back from the original seller.

What do I get with this service?

We are licensed Drone pilots.  We will fly the drone over your home and capture a video survey of the property.  This is a great value add for people looking to purchase your home.

What type of drone do you use?

We use a DJI brand drone.  The drone can take 12 MP photos and shoots video in 1080p.  We can fly the drone around the home to capture all angles of the home that a standard photographer couldn’t catch.

Where is your license from?

We have our license from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  Our license expires in 2021.  We can fly our drone for commercial purposes, but not within 15 miles of an airport in Washington, DC.  Just a fun fact and doesn’t pertain to Louisville.

Do you do inspections personally?

No, we provide our sellers the options of three preferred Louisville Licensed Inspectors.  I can give you an inspection, but I’d miss a lot of things.  These companies are locally owned and operated and can provide you a thorough report about the home.

Do you do pre-sale inspections?

Yes, we can do that for our clients.  This will need to be disclosed when the home is listed.  Personally, we feel transparency is the best practice.  This way, it allows the buyer to know what they are getting into.  No home is perfect.

Can we access these reports for homes for sale on Sold! Louisville?

If the client did a pre-inspection, it will be available on Sold! Louisville.  The cost is $20 and you will receive the detailed report. The $20 will come off the price for the seller.

Buying cars online is tough. How can I trust I'm not going to get a lemon?

We mitigate the risk by running a CarFax report on every car on Sold! Louisville.  This is a $20 fee to the seller, but allows you to know what you are buying?

How do I know there will not be title issues with the car?

Before we list a motor vehicle, we invest the time to sit at the Kentucky Department of Motor Vehicles and review the title prior to listing on our website.  If there are any issues, they are cleared prior to the sale.

Can I have my own mechanic look at the motor vehicle prior to purchasing it?

Yes you can.  Just email us at and we will be happy to schedule a time for you and your mechanic to look at the motor vehicle.

What if I don't have time to get a mechanic over, is that something you can do for me?

If the vendor invested in a 3rd party detailed report, that will be displayed on Sold! Louisville in the listing page.  If not, there is a $150 charge for this report.  The mechanic will spend 2 hours with the car and provide you with every detail.

Are you telling me that you will take my Grandfather off my hands for me?

Well, sort of.  We partner with Senior Transition services that will help you and your loved one find the best setting for them.  We want them to have a caring way of meeting the needs of everyone with this service.

How does this service work?

We will schedule time with you and your family to discuss the transition needs.  This will be conducted with a transition specialist that will get the best results for your family.

What are 3D Tours of the home?

We have found a company in Louisville that is owned and operated that can provide a virtual environment and layout of your home.  It allows potential buyers a 24/7 way of viewing the home from top to bottom.  You can have photos blurred and rooms designated as off-limits, but this is the biggest game changer for home listings.

Can you please provide an example of a home shot in 3D?

Yes, please check this out here:

Mapped 3D Models

Here is a Home Tour Example: