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No. Our company is not a moving company. We try to be accommodating as possible to make items accessible but like any other estate sale we will not help you move the item. We will recommend and help you find a mover. The best idea is to bring a friend.

Please contact us immediately! We understand that mistakes happen and want to help but unless we hear from you soon we must assume that you no longer want the item and it will be forfeited. If this becomes a habit we will consider your account delinquent based on our terms and remove your account. Please plan ahead! We want you to have fun!

All items are local pickup. Please see details for time and location before buying. The item location and pickup time(s) will be listed on your email/invoice. While we like to be accommodating pickup times are not negotiable just like any estate sale.

Yes.  We photograph the exact item you will receive.  We don’t use stock photography.  Our staff will photograph the item and showcase it honestly, flaws and all.  We sell second-hand items, so a picture can truly showcase the item you are looking to purchase.

To view your receipt on Sold! Louisville, you will need to navigate to the “My Account” menu and click on it.  Then select “Orders” and you will be able to view your receipts for your purchase.  It’s a best practice to print this receipt or show the Sold! Louisville team member your receipt on your phone or tablet when you come to pick up your item or items at the home.

Since these are second-hand items and we photograph and notate the flaws, we have a fairly strict “As Is” policy. If there is a problem, please email us at We will be happy to discuss.

We do not hold items when an offer is made. That item is fair game until it has been purchased.  When you make an offer it will be reviewed and approved or rejected. The Item may be purchased at any time.   If the offer is accepted you can proceed to check out , but be aware the item is only available until it is purchased. Even if you receive an accepted offer the item might be sold when you go to checkout.