Learn more about the Sold! Louisville Story...

We are Louisville owned and operated.

The three owners of Sold! Louisville live in Louisville with their families. They understand the culture and people of Kentuckiana and wish to serve the area with respect. Each estate and neighborhood is unque and should be honored.

People love to see an individual collection of items in the context of each home. How was this item displayed in the home? Why did they love it? Each home has a story. Open the door and look inside. We want to share these stories from the Louisville area.

Why Sold! Louisville?

  • We can handle all of your estate needs.
  • We provide high quality photographs of the items and home.
  • Our pricing is well researched and allows negotiations so money isn’t left on the table.
  • Sold! Louisville will give you one check at the end of your sale. All you need to do is tell us your needs and you can leave the rest to us.
  • Our end goal is to give a great experience for both our sellers and buyers.

Our service provides an in-home and online shopping experience for our customers. The home is staged for the buying public to showcase the collection while providing the convenience of an online shopping platform.

Who can benefit from our Estate Services?

Anyone moving, downsizing, or managing the estate of a loved one can benefit from our services. Sold! Louisville will make the selling process easy, while helping you realize the fair market value for your items and home.

Sold! Louisville Real Estate

We at Sold! Louisville are licensed to sell your home as well. If you wish to sell your personal property with the home, we offer discounted percentages for bundled services. As a member of Mayer Realtors in Louisville, we provide the listing, photography of the home, and all services involved with a typical home listing, such as inspections and appraisals. We can also provide modern services such as HDR photography and drone footage.

If we are not selling your home, we will advertise your home and realtor at no charge.

Sold! Louisville offers comprehensive estate services:

  • Free consultations
  • Complete real estate listing services
  • On-premise and online estate sales
  • Organization of estate
  • In-home inventory
  • Clean-out services
  • Charity donations
  • Home inspections
  • We do it all and more!

Our Louisville-based estate service company will come to your home and learn about your needs and goals.

We work out of the home and provide a personal experience for our buyers and sellers, getting to know the family and the story behind the items.

You can feel comfortable knowing the home and items are in good hands. Whatever your situation, Sold! Louisville will help reduce the stress.

You want to list your home; we can do that.
You want to list your items; we can do that.
You want any in-home service; we can do that.

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